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Grallator is run by Chris Robbins and supplies a range of services. Please click on the links below to explore further. 

Modelling and Simulation

Mathematical models and simulations can provide insight into many problems. They allow exploration of, for example: prediction and forecsting, "what if?" testing, production of statistics and optimisation.


Data is now collected on virtually everything that can be measured. While these datasets are important for modelling and simulation, they are also finding use as a source of insight and methods are available that extract meaning from data.


Software can range from prototype demonstration code through to a full app, and be delivered in a number of languages and forms, from a stand-alone application or a plug-in module to a web-app (or full web-site).


STEM education is important to improve the skills of the current workforce and produce the next generation of tech-entrepreneurs. Educational and training resources, and especially ones that are interactive, can be of help.